Ongoing activities: (Mobile Communication Company - Naghsh Aval Keyfiyat, NAK Company and Provinces)

1- Improvement project and implementation of development plans for communication links in Tehran centers (7 centers of Tehran)

2- Transmission equipment maintenance project of communication centers of Tehran centers (7 centers of Tehran)

3- Identifying communication links and preparing a database of Tehran province centers

4- BCS development and collection project in Tehran province centers

5- Monitoring and strategic services of mobile communication company

6- 3G sites exchange project of Fars, Hormozgan, Mazandaran, Gilan, Khorasan Razavi provinces

7- Installation and commissioning of 10 SPO systems in Rasht centers

8- Installation of 4 BCS flexi systems in Mashhad and Torbat Heydariyeh centers (NAK)

9- Development Project and SWAP Transmission Projects for BTS Sites in Tehran Province

10- Installing RNC rock in Beheshti center of Tehran (NAK)

11- Assessing the condition of the equipment of the mobile communication centers of the provinces

12- Implementing plans to install optical patchcards in the centers of Tehran to convert 3G sites

13- Maintaining and optimizing the mobile network of Mashhad province and its suburbs

14- Project of network maintenance and support services and equipment of subscriber centers of mobile communication company

15- Providing the service force of Noor Dena Investment Company

16- Manpower supply project of mobile communication company

17- Printing and reproduction project of mobile communication company

18- Providing manpower for services, floriculture and horticulture of the mobile communication company

Future projects:

  1. IPBB Transmission Equipment Maintenance Project and Services of Tehran Main Centers (NAC)
  2. Transmission equipment improvement project for the main centers of Tehran province (NAK)
  3. Holding technical equipment training courses for company experts
  4. UPGRADE IPBB Equipment Project
  5. Optical fiber optic installation projects Communication links
  6. Establishment of Group »A« office in relation to the first mobile subscribers
  7. Setting up a training center for the company's employees and intellectuals



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You can scan our contact information